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Berlin Black And White


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This blog has a simple mission: To show black and white photographs from Berlin. However, it is also a project in a larger context. I will tell you more about that later.

Blogger is Knut Skjærven. That’s me in the picture. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. I am a free-lance researcher, photographer, writer and blogger :-). I am Norwegian.

I started this blog, and this project, in June 2010.

All photographs and texts on this blog are, to the extent it is possible, copyrighted and must not be downloaded, copied or used in any way whatsoever till you have a written consent of the photographer. This is even the case with photographs that are not specifically marked with the word “copyright” or the © mark.

You are, however, more than welcome to share this blog.

Enjoy the site. And please comment on the photographs or write directly to me at knutATskjaerven.com

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Enjoy :-). Have a nice day.

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